Counter Corporate Espionage Services

In this rapid changing world of technology we live in, people and businesses eavesdrop on one another for a multitude of reasons.  Therefore, the primary goal of American Asset Protection® Counter Corporate Espionage Services is for the communication security of it’s clients.  By ensuring and protecting their privacy which is accomplished by utilizing technologies that minimize the level of threat of the client’s home, auto, phone, and office. American Asset Protection®employs state-of-the-art technologies that are designed for a wide range of services, from the independent businessman looking to protect his proprietary secrets.  To major corporations holding boardroom meetings with a vital concern for information leakage or greater yet, the loss of intellectual property.

Why is Counter surveillance important?

There are many reasons and motives why people have the desire to spy on each other.  It is difficult to statistically assess how many governments, industries, and individuals are routinely victims of illegal and unwanted surveillance. Evidence of illegal surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting the spy. Many organizations are unaware that industrial spying has affected their economy (i.e. a competitor beats you to market with a new product or product feature, a competitor under bids you on an important job, your labor union is prepared for your negotiating points, corporate raiders attack when you are financially weak.)


Eavesdropping and Video Surveillance can affect many aspects of everyday success:

1. Labor union disputes with company management.

2. New product developments and plans.  Protection of trade secrets.

3. Negotiating strategies.

4. Reorganization plans such as mergers or takeovers.

5. Corporate legal problems.

6. Protection of financial information.

7. Protection of intellectual property or information.

8. Industrial spies from other companies and/or countries.

9. Employees spying on each other. (Peeping tom, sexual harassment, stalking)

Is Spying a myth?
Surveillance devices are typically considered myths or products only available to covert government spies. However, as the world’s technology continues to advance, high quality surveillance devices are easily purchased on the commercial market and can even be common household products.  A baby monitor is an excellent complete bugging system for less than $150; it can be placed above ceiling tiles, under conference room tables, behind a desk, or in a briefcase. A high quality “pinhole” lens chip camera can be purchased on the open market for less than $99.00.  It is important to note, that as the value of protected information increases, the threat potential and available surveillance technology also increases.  The serious industrial spy can easily acquire and utilize sophisticated eavesdropping equipment.  It is solely up to the individual company to determine the value of their information and the level of protection required.

For maximum security against unwanted eavesdropping, American Asset Protection® recommends a three part plan:

1 – Using American Asset Protection® to perform regular sweeps  with company owned equipment. Although most larger businesses employ specialized security teams to sweep buildings or conference rooms, using American Asset Protection® has its advantages. Other contracted professional sweeps teams are costly and only available when scheduled.  After a professional sweep team completes their service,  a business environment is immediately vulnerable to new surveillance devices.

2 – American Asset Protection’s® real-time monitoring of your important meetings is strongly recommended to prevent outsiders from bringing in body bugs or other types of surveillance devices.  If you own the right equipment, this can be done along with using American Asset Protection® security personnel.

3 – Periodic professional unannounced sweeps performed by American Asset Protection’s® well trained and trustworthy Counter Corporate Espionage teams to completely sterilize your office environment is strongly suggested.

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