School Safety Program

American Asset Protection provides highly trained and skilled “Campus Safety Officers” (CSOs) who are either Criminal Justice Majors, Law Enforcement Officers or Military trained in tactics, to respond to an Active Shooter at any given moment. Each CSO is continually trained in Active Shooter Plan & Evacuation, AS Armed Response, Weaponless Defense techniques and ALICE Training.
They work in conjunction with school staff and local law enforcement implementing processes to ensure safety of all students, school staff, administrators and visitors. In addition to providing immediate response to any potential acts of violence, these CSOs can monitor internet traffic (Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites) to identify early warning signs of potential violence. You have access to experts in threat assessment to provide comprehensive security, investigations and safety plans.

American Asset Protection Campus Safety Officers are carefully recruited, hired and trained based on the unique needs of the school environment. Each candidate is thoroughly screened through an exhaustive pre-employment screening process used in the field of law enforcement. Most of our Campus Safety Officers come from law enforcement or military backgrounds. Hiring, retention and training are critical components to securing and maintaining well qualified individuals.
Once hired by American Asset Protection a CSO must successfully complete all state mandated training required. Additionally, every CSO must complete an Enhanced Training Program that is provided by American Asset Protection, before we allow CSOs to work in a school setting. If a CSO has no recent law enforcement and/or military training they are required to attend basic law enforcement training before being assigned to the field.
The CSOs are supervised by an AAP Supervisor who has daily contact with each CSO. Daily logs, reports and functions are reviewed. CSOs are viewed as role models within the school. They are capable of working with at-risk kids in a mentorship capacity. CSOs are integrated into the culture of the school.

Early identification of risk is critical to the prevention of acts of violence on school campuses. Our CSOs provide mentoring to students and staff drawing on their vast public safety experience.
American Asset Protection ensures that all CSOs are fully aware and trained in the AAP Policy Manual that covers all areas of operations. American Asset Protection maintains a drug and nicotine free work environment at all times and is licensed by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as Private Patrol Operator (12754).


American Asset Protection works diligently with teachers,
staff and school administrators to develop a safety plan specific for each
individual school location.  Our Campus Safety Officers provide on-going
training for students and staff members in the form of drills to ensure all
safety plans are implemented and are in place should an incident occur.
Using a plan designed and developed in cooperation with your school district,
ensures that students and staff members are prepared to respond quickly,
efficiently and properly to different threats on campuses. Including lock-downs
initiated by Law Enforcement Agencies or an Active Shooter on campus.

American Asset Protection Campus Safety
solutions are designed with the specific needs of each school district.
AAP takes into account that within the same school district various campuses represent
unique needs and requirements.  We also realize that every individual
campus will have a culture of its’ own.


In partnership with various school districts,
AAP delivers services that are appropriate, effective and meaningful based on
research-based models.  AAP may offer recommendations from time to time,
or as requested, to address specific campus safety needs; however, AAP knows
this partnership is most effective when communication is clear and
concise.  Allowing us to provide or anticipate any recommendations or
service adjustments that maybe made in some instances at no additional cost to
the district.

For more information about American Asset
Protection please call us directly at (800) 227-1568.


American Asset Protection’s Campus Safety
Program for your school district is a partnership between several stakeholders.
This partnership includes a public-private relationship with American Academy
of Protective Training.  The American Academy of Protective Training and Arm
the Teachers partnership ensures quality training of each Campus
Safety Officer.  American Academy of Protective Training is the leading
source for security and public safety training and is a tremendous benefit with
significant contributions to the AAP Campus Safety Program.


AAP maintains a high degree
of regard in the Law Enforcement community and strives to incorporate local law
enforcement in its partnership with local school districts.  AAP assigns a
direct contact person to the local law enforcement agency management team, to
ensure the agency is aware of all AAP activities.  Our team of retired law
enforcement managers enables us to readily identify and relate to the concerns
of the local law enforcement agency and ensures AAP, the school district and
other stakeholders provide evidence-based solutions to the specialized
area of campus safety.


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