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Remote Video Monitoring Service

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American Asset Protection offers professional security officers, security patrol vehicles, loss prevention, virtual guard tours and remote video monitoring to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

American Asset Protection can provide you with a security and/or safety analysis of your location(s) to help you identity which services will provide the results you seek.


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Remote Video Monitoring (RVMS)

American Asset Protection’s remote video monitoring services (RVMS) will help you maximizes costs and increase reliability. Our remote video monitoring may be used as a new or additional layer of security, to supplement or replace your current security staff requirements located on-site. Here you will find five of the most common uses of remote video monitoring:


1. Real-time and Constant Monitoring

Our remote video monitoring service is on a constant vigil and on a real time basis. In this type of service our dispatcher’s are constantly watching one or more live video feeds to identify predetermined or suspicious activity. This is just like having a full time Security Control Center on site your site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Again you will have an Emergency Dispatcher that constantly monitoring on-site activity. Unlike the security officer on your site, the dispatcher is capable of watching multiple video feeds from multiple locations at once and keep’s a data log or recording of everything taking place on your site. Video doesn’t forget, lie nor get confused whereas a live security guard can.


2. Monitoring by Alerts, Alarms, and Sensors

Remote video monitoring may also be utilized in conjunction with a series of alerts, alarms or sensors. In the case when any of these devices are tripped, the camera system is activated and the image’s immediately appears on the dispatchers monitor. For example, the video surveillance system may be integrated in with your alarm system so that when a specific door or windows’ alarm is activated a predetermined camera is automatically activated to record and the images are then transmitted to the Security Control Center which appears on the dispatcher monitor. This allows the dispatcher to verify if the activation is a “real” or “false” alarm and they can then initiate the appropriate response or immediately notify local authorities.



3. Loss Prevention

Video surveillance has a long history of being used for loss prevention. Typically a loss prevention agent on site will monitor a store for suspicious activities using the video surveillance system and then notify other loss prevention agents of the situation and assist them in taking appropriate action. Through the use of remote video monitoring a client can substantially reduce costs by having one dispatcher monitor multiple locations. This dispatcher can maintain constant contact with the on-site loss prevention officers in order to coordinate a response or they can contact local law enforcement depending on client instructions.


4. Virtual Safeguard Tours

Mobile patrols are often used to provide security for a variety of locations. The patrols typically randomly stop by a site several times during a defined period to verify gates are closed, doors are locked and the site is secure. These types of patrols may also be accomplished through the use of remote video surveillance. Live tours of the site may be conducted at random or predetermined times using a series of cameras to check all designated areas. The use of a virtual guard tour provides a documented video of what was seen at the time. Audio may also be used to either (1) listen for unusual sounds or (2) to “talk” to persons on site. Virtual guard tours may also be used to “escort” employees out of a location after closing and to monitor other predetermined activities that require increased security.


5. Virtual Secret Shopper

Many businesses use secret shoppers to verify customer service levels and detect employee theft.

The drawback to these programs is that in many cases employees can “pick out” secret shoppers. In addition, these types of programs are ineffective on stopping one of the most common types of employee thefts– giving away product to regular customers. The use of a virtual secret shopper program eliminates both of these drawbacks.

Through the use of video surveillance systems (with or without audio functions) dispatchers can watch the actions of employees to ensure (1) customer service standards are maintained and (2) they do not engage in many common forms of theft. American Asset Protection’s remote video monitoring enables trained dispatchers to guard your business and easily detect and eliminate security problems while reducing overall security related costs.


Introducing the AAP Black Box Series NVR’s

There are benefits to using an NVR and a DVR, but why not have the best of both worlds with a Hybrid model such as The Black Box Series. The Black Box Series of Hybrids gives you the performances you need with the flexibility that you want. The Black Box Series Hybrid was designed for retrofits and or swap-outs of existing DVR systems that lacked the capabilities or were locked by proprietary software and were unable to communicate with our Central Operations Center and the RVMS System. We will send one of our technicians to your facility and have him/her remove your pre existing DVR system. The technician will then configure, setup and install your Black Box Hybrid and once that is done the technician will connect all of your cameras to The Black Box making a seemless integration of existing analog and digital cameras into one self contained unit with the capabilities of RVMS from our Central Operations Center where our trained security professionals will monitor your facility for your peace of mind.

 The 4 Channel Black Box Hybrid (Digital & Analog) H.264 with Remote Viewing, 960H Real Time The Recording, and 2 Way Audio, with 1TB HDD Included!

Cost of unit $350.00

Cost of unit with installed $500.00

The 8 Channel Black Box Hybrid (Digital / Analog) H.264 with Remote Viewing, 960H Real Time Recording, and 2 Way Audio, 1TB HDD Included!

Cost of unit $550.00

Cost of unit with installed $700.00

The 16 Channel Black Box Hybrid (Digital / Analog) H.264 with Remote Viewing, 960H Real Time Recording, and 2 Way Audio, 1TB HDD Included!

Cost of unit $650.00

Cost of unit with installed $800.00

The 32 Channel Black Box Hybrid (Digital / Analog) H.264 with Remote Viewing, 960H Real Time Recording, and 2 Way Audio, 2TB HDD Included!

Cost of unit $1240.00

Cost of unit with installed $1390.00

Typical examples for use of a hybrid system are: For those users that are already using a DVR (DVRs use analog cameras) but are looking to upgrade some cameras to a higher quality resolution or upgrade the entire camera to an IP model. The hybrid function allows you to use both analog and IP camera combinations. The main function of an NVR (Network Video Recorder) is used for high-definition IP surveillance solution to view your camera system over the internet. This NVR supports full HD image display and real time recording per channel. The NVR records video that is encoded at the camera, which uses IP Cameras compared to standard DVR that uses analog cameras that gets converted and compressed to digital at the DVR side. NVR hybrid allows you to connect through wires and also combining IP cameras if you prefer to do so.

American Asset Protection also sells NVR turnkey package with 4 IP cameras, starting at about $1150.00 installed and an upgraded version of a 4 camera NVR turnkey package for only $1850.00 installed. Should you have a need for a DVR system we can custom build a stand alone or PC base system to meet all of your video surveillance needs!

Cost of RVMS $185.00 per month

(Get one month free and $150.00 off the purchase of any Black Box System NVR’s).